Work at AstraZeneca

A great place to work


At AstraZeneca, we recognize that our people are our greatest asset and know what’s possible with a talented and diverse team that believes in What Science Can Do.

This is why we are committed to ensuring that everyone who chooses to work at our company can reach their full potential, perform at their best and make a valued contribution to the enterprise. Together, we perform as a single enterprise team, are champions of inclusion and diversity and are building a culture of life-long learning and development to support us as our company grows and we prepare to keep leading into the future.

Guided by our values -We follow the science, We put patients first, We play to win, We do the right thing, We are entrepreneurial -and behaviours, our people are empowered and inspired to thrive in an environment where they make a difference to patients, society and our company.

Working at AstraZeneca means innovation, excellence, collaboration and genuinely living the values ​​that make our company a leader in the industry and in the CAMCAR region. We constantly build and strengthen our value proposition to have The Best Place to Work, where each person achieves their maximum potential in a diverse, inclusive and vibrant culture.

Paula Delgado AZ CAMCAR Human Resources Head

Some of the many reasons to work at AstraZeneca

No matter if you're in the office, in one of our labs. or in the field in contact with health professionals, every day is an opportunity to make a difference and change the lives of thousands of people in the world. We know that you have the answer to the challenges posed by science and we count on your ingenuity to find health solutions. Come to AstraZeneca and unluck your potential.

You´ll make a difference everyday

A Great Place where you feel at home...

We are a global and innovative biopharmaceutical company. At AstraZeneca we focus on the potential of science to address the unmet needs of patients around the world. We are committed in those areas where we believe we can really change the course of medicine and realize new great ideas. We are a place where freedom of thought and creativity feed our determination to make a difference through science.

Our science lives beyond our laboratories. Our global perspective means that we use the talent and experience of around the world to make our drugs successful.


Growth Opportunities

At AstraZeneca you will not only have a career plan for your future, but you will also be able to learn from the best professionals in the industry in Central America, the Caribbean and the world.

We are committed to life-long learning and development. Learning is not a choice but a question of survival for us as individuals and key to AstraZeneca. We cannot stand still. We need to build our capabilities in digital literacy, data analytics, enterprise leadership and learning agility, for example. And our work to support talent development, upskilling and reskilling, and to leverage technology to deliver a learning transformation, will help to ensure our leadership position as we look to 2025 and beyond.


We challenge science

At AstraZeneca you will live important personal and professional experiences, you will have the opportunity to test your skills. We like to break the mold and be prepared for a challenging future.

We are also committed to rewarding innovation, high performance and standards, and collaboration. We are further advancing our already strong culture of appreciation, recognition and collaboration. We are strengthening and supporting how we provide ongoing constructive feedback, using digital technology to prompt and support actions with the aim of growing, further improving and developing our people. This includes ensuring information and data is shared and that we are working in a more collaborative and agile way.


Diversity and Inclusion

In AstraZeneca different cultures converge and ways of thinking, we are multicultural, we are unique in what we do and how we do.

Be part of the more than 56,000 partners of AstraZeneca around the world!

The success of AstraZeneca is based on innovation and creativity. We champion inclusion and diversity by celebrating different people, perspectives, talents and ideas and encouraging our people to ‘be themselves’ at work. The success of our company is founded on innovation and creativity. We know that a team is at its most creative when it is made up of people who think differently from one another, in an environment where different views and perspectives are welcomed and valued. To foster innovation, we seek to harness different opinions, talents and ideas, as well as ensuring that our employees reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate and the patients we help.This shared creativity unlocks challenges and brings new solutions. It fosters continuous innovation, constant learning and propels our growth –for individuals in the team as well as for our company.