Ethics and transparency

We create a social impact positive promoting ethical behaviours in all markets across our value chain

Our approach

Ethics and Transparency is about demonstrating ethical business practices and a high level of integrity in how we work –across our business operations, relationships and geographies, and creating environments across our worldwide operations, including our supply chain, that promote health and wellbeing.

We want to be valued not only for our medicines, but also for the way we work. We believe that integrity, respect and transparency are the basis of a healthy business culture. We build trust by demonstrating ethical business practices and fair treatment of all living things in everything we do in our company, our value chain and in society.

Our values, including putting patients first and doing the right thing, guide our decision-making and promote a unified AstraZeneca culture. These values are the basis of all our activities and guide our interactions. Our approach goes beyond policy and compliance: we want to empower our employees to use their judgment to do the right thing.

Our areas of action in ethics and transparency include:

Ethical business culture, inclusion and diversity, talent and personal evolution, well-being and personal security, responsible supply chain and Human Rights

Our Ethics and transparency approach supports the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)