Environmental protection

We work towards an approach restorative management of our environmental impact on all our activities and products

Our approach

Climate change is now a climate crisis. It is affecting human health and the biosphere more and more severely.

Environmental Protection is about following the science to conserve natural resources and manage our environmental impact across all our activities and products, to protect the planet today and tomorrow, which helps to prevent the onset of certain diseases and improve health outcomes.

We are taking action because we are aware of the strong connection between a healthy planet and a healthy population. With health at the heart of our business, we work to foster environments in which any life can thrive, seeking opportunities for environmental management and mitigation of climate impact by managing natural resources and ensuring the environmental safety of our products in our operations and value string. We imagine a future in which we contribute to restoring the health of our planet by reaching a zero emission target.


Our areas of action in environmental protection include:

Environmental product management, waste management, greenhouse gas reduction, environmental pharmaceuticals, water management


Our Environmental protection approach supports the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)