We believe there is a strong connection between the health of our patients, our business, our workforce, our communities and the planet, and each of these impact one another.

Our ambition

Healthy people

Healthy planet

Healthy business

At AstraZeneca we challenge the limits of science to provide life-changing drugs

We realize that this is how we will continue to transform the lives of millions of patients around the world while generating value for our employees, our communities and the environment.  In our complex world, a siloed approach to sustainability is no longer an option. We see partnerships and transparency as enablers of a sustainable future.  AstraZeneca’s approach includes becoming more transparent to support responsible, ethical management across the value chain, performance measurement, and knowledge sharing for our sector. On our sustainability journey, we aim to reduce our negative impacts and benefit society, the environment and our business.

How do we approach sustainability at AstraZeneca?

At AstraZeneca, health is not only our axis of work, but also our contribution to society. The way we operate promotes sustainable health ecosystems that benefit both people and the planet through science-based innovation.

Our sustainability strategy revolves around three pillars that place health at the center of our work, starting with access to health care. As a global company, we want to make use of our reach, knowledge and experience to achieve real change in 16 sustainability issues.