We put the patients first

Recognizing patients as people first and putting them at the heart of what we do, so that they can enjoy a satisfying life

At AstraZeneca we listen and walk in patients' shoes to understand their needs that are the basis of everything we do. They move us, inspire us to be better, and motivate us to focus and seize every opportunity to drive, advance and evolve with every new discovery, project, initiative or research. We start each day with the privilege and responsibility to improve patients' lives, and putting them at the center of everything we do is vital to ensuring that we meet their needs.

We are committed to creating educational spaces to generate greater awareness of different diseases, with the aim of having earlier diagnoses, optimal treatment plans and most importantly: the possibility of a healthy and full life for patients and their families.

We recognize that patients are people first and should be at the center of everything we do in specific and measurable ways, from discovery science through clinical trials to prevention, awareness, diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment and wellness.  We are working with partners to help create integrated ‘healthcare ecosystems’ that bring benefits and support for the whole of the patient experience.

Partners through all the journey

Celebrate Life

Patient Support Programs that seek to accompany them, so that they feel supported, as well as inviting them to stay in treatment and adopt healthy practices that allow them to have a better quality of life.

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Relationship with Civil Patient Organizations

AstraZeneca has a platform of relationship with Non-Governmental Organizations of Patients, through which, working in collaboration with these groups, educational campaigns are generated and developed on diseases such as cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases, among others. This relationship platform also provides technical and scientific support to more than 20 foundations and patient associations in the Central American and Caribbean region.

Volunteer Program: hAndZ On

This program puts at the service of patient organizations in the region, the technical and professional knowledge of AstraZeneca collaborators. It seeks to open spaces for accompaniment, advice and training to meet the educational needs of leaders of associations and foundations working to improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and chronic diseases in Central America and the Caribbean.

hAndZ-On is a novel way to see volunteering as a factor of commitment and innovation that generates value through collaborative partnerships. The initiative aims to mobilize AstraZeneca collaborators to improve the living conditions of patients in the region, using new technologies, through which volunteers will be able to provide knowledge to vulnerable populations who require professionalization and technical training in areas such as management of technology platforms, finance, communication and marketing, among others.